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HCCC is committed to giving the gift of singing to students applying for membership. To this end, we are pleased to be able to offer both a payment plan and financial assistance to make choir membership possible for all.


AV/CL Girl's Uniform 2021-2022
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HCCC Spring Banquet will be held at Mercy Road Church in Fortville on April 25.  Tickets will be available through April 18.

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PC Girl's Uniform 2021-2022


CCPA Uniform 2021-2022
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Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.

CL Boy's Uniform 2021-2022
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BV Girl's Uniform 2021-2022

We do not provide refunds for services that have been rendered.

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* Please wait to pay uniform fees until you are invoiced after uniform fitting appointment.

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