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New student assessments (grades K-3) and auditions (grades 4-12) will be held at summer camp on June 8, 2020.  Sign up for an assessment or an audition on the summer camp registration form.  If you are unavailable on June 8, 2020, please follow the instructions for submitting a video audition and use the payment button below to pay the $10 audition fee.


Audition Fee

Assessment and audition appointments will be held on January 7, 2019 for the spring semester.  Please complete the new student assessment/audition form to request an assessment or audition. Questions? Contact us at:

This is what you can expect in the assessments and auditions:

​Please note that new students will not be penalized for lack of musical experience or expertise.  The following exercises are for assessment only.

CC AND PA ENSEMBLE (GRADES K-3): Students will be assessed for their develop​mental readiness to participate in choir.  Directors will converse with the student as well as perform a simple pitch matching exercise.  Finally, students will be asked to sing a simple and familiar song. This assessment is completed in a supportive and fun environment.

PC ENSEMBLE (GRADES 4-6): Each student will complete a simple pitch-matching exercise and will sing a song of his/her choice. This song should be something that the student knows well and that is set in a comfortable range, for example, a familiar Christmas carol, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, etc. The song will be performed without accompaniment, and the director will only need one minute’s worth of singing for assessment.  Students will also be asked to clap a rhythm. These exercises are for assessment only.  A student will not be penalized for lack of musical experience.

BV, RC, AV, and CL ENSEMBLES (GRADES 7-12 YOUNG LADIES AND GENTLEMEN): The audition will consist of four components:

SINGING: Students choose and prepare to sing a 60-second segment of a song of their choice in their vocal range.  This is to be sung without accompaniment.  Directors will be looking for confidence and the ability to sing out, expression, clarity of tone, clear diction, appropriate facial expression and ability to communicate.  A piano will be accessible for a student to ask for a beginning note. Students will also be asked to repeat a five-note musical phrase.

SIGHT READING: Students will sight read a line. 

INTERVIEW: Students will have a one-minute interview with directors.  This interview will allow the student to express why he/she desires to be an choir member.