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Darlene George


Mrs. Darlene George joins the HCCC staff this year as an accompanist for the elementary program choirs. She has served as an accompanist for the Indianapolis Children's Choir, Greenfield Central High School, Greenfield Middle School, Sugar Creek Elementary Visions Choir, Hancock County Children's Theater, as well as serving as the principal pianist at her church. She is also a sought after accompanist for ISSMA band competition participants.

Dan Clark

With a bachelors degree in music, a career of professional music performance, and 10 years of experience in teaching choir and band in elementary, middle school, and high school, Dan Clark joined the staff of HCCC last year as the director of the Ragazzi Coro Ensemble.
Dan is well acquainted with HCCC after serving as a guest soloist with the choir many times since its inception. A gifted tenor and teacher, Dan devotes his talents to developing the voices of the young men of the choir.

Big Dreams and Dedication

Gayle Roschi dreamed of starting a children's choir for many years, but the demands of raising a family and teaching private vocal and piano lessons commanded all her time. Yet, no time was wasted because Gayle had spent 30 years studying, teaching, and refining her musical skills. Finally, a window of opportunity opened to pursue her dream, and she was perfectly equipped to become the founding Artistic Director of the Hancock County Children's Choir. Gayle called on Leanne Cherry, a long-time personal friend and colleague to come aboard as the first HCCC accompanist.

Lisa Heady longed for an opportunity for her children and others to sing in a choir. Road weary from traveling to Indianapolis for lessons and cultural activities, Lisa was convinced that there were plenty of families in east central Indiana who shared her feelings. Together with a handful of dedicated parents, Lisa encouraged Gayle to come to Hancock County to begin her choir.

Sixteen students enrolled in the choir in the fall of 2011, and their first performance was to a standing room only audience at New Palestine Bible Church. It was clear that the talent needed to develop a significant choir was indeed present, and the community expressed its support.

The choir has steadily grown to 7 ensembles serving children ages 5-18. We are anticipating a choir of 100 students for 2016-2017, our sixth season. Happily, we have been able to add staff members to accommodate the increase in our student enrollment.

In its short history, HCCC has performed at New York's famed Carnegie Hall twice and has been invited back for two more performances in 2016 and 2017.  Performing for the nationally televised Dove Awards and on Indianapolis Fox affiliate Channel 59 were the highlights of last season. And the excitement never ends as the choir prepares this season for a summer 2017 concert tour in Washington, D.C.


Vocal Production

Sight Singing

Music Theory

Stage Presence



Carol Jackson


Carol's love for music began when she was a small child and sang her first solo in public. Soon after she began learning to play piano and by middle school was serving as an accompanist for soloists and choirs at IMEA competitions. Continuing her music education through college, Carol is an accomplished vocalist and accompanist.  With a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in education, Carol has spent her adulthood teaching piano, training musicians, directing the worship team at her church, and sharing her love for music. Mrs. Jackson joins the HCCC staff this year as the accompanist for the Ragazzi Coro.

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Gayle Roschi

A degreed music educator and performer, Gayle Roschi has directed children's choirs as well as middle and high school choirs in nine states. Her love of singing and investing in the lives of children is clearly evident as she carefully selects pieces, designing each performance to be educational, entertaining, and fun. Mrs. Roschi is an accomplished pianist, vocalist, teacher and author. Mrs. Roschi conducts the Angelo Voci and Cantanti Lirichi ensembles.

Tricia Bagnall


Tricia Bagnall is an educator and musician with extensive experience teaching fine arts in both individual and group settings. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Speech Education with a proficiency in Theater and Vocal Performance, she directed choirs on both the east and west coasts with singers from elementary age to adults. While directing choirs, plays, and musicals, she also invested over 18 years in education both in classroom and private settings. 

Currently, Mrs. Bagnall is continuing her education toward a Master of Arts in Academic Interdisciplinary Education.


Introducing students and audiences to the arts. Using the medium of the arts to develop student skills and self-confidence.


Educating the whole child. Vocal training and so much more.


Giving students the gift of singing. Opening doors of opportunity. Educating the whole child by teaching poise, stage presence, and etiquette.


Bringing talented, experienced staff to the communities of east central Indiana. 

Leanne Cherry

Leanne Cherry is an accomplished pianist, organist, teacher and piano technician. Graduating from Pillsbury College with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, Mrs. Cherry spent 12 years teaching music in schools as well as giving private lessons. Her 25 years experience as a piano technician has included training at Steinway piano factory in New York. Mrs. Cherry accompanies the Angelo Voci and Cantanti Lirichi ensembles.

Katie McDaniel


Katie McDaniel is the music specialist at Sugar Creek Elementary School in New Palestine schools, where she teaches grades K-6.  Mrs. McDaniel is a graduate of Anderson University with a Bachelor's of Music in Music Education. She is currently working on her masters, as well as completing her Orff -Schulwerk certification. Mrs. McDaniel has had the honor to serve as the guest conductor for Circle the State with Song for the state of Indiana twice. She enjoys performing locally, as well as singing in her church choir. 

Musical Staff

Tiffany Richards



Tiffany Richards, director of the Bella Voci ensemble, has served the choir since its inception, first as a volunteer and now as a staff member. Mrs. Richards holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Anderson University. She also earned a Master's Degree in Library Science from Indiana University. A pianist and conductor, Mrs. Richards has experience teaching and conducting in both the church and school settings. 

About Hancock County Children's Choir

Hancock County Children's Choir is a choral performance and education program dedicated to create musical opportunities for youth through the performance of a variety of musical literature including classical, cross-cultural, folk, patriotic, pop, sacred, and secular genres of music.  Students in the choir are taught vocal production, diction, music theory, music history and appreciation, poise, stage presence, public speaking, and etiquette.  Our interactive programs instill valuable life skills, challenging our students to learn, grow, mature, develop self-confidence, and shine!